Botany and Fibre

Let's get back to nature

Botanically dyed clothing and accessories for a sustainable future

Our Collection

Say hello to slow fashion

We take taking it slow seriously, and say no to fast, disposable fashion. From selecting and foraging for plants and flowers to the slow meditative dye process, we aim to create pieces that last. By up-cycling vintage clothes or creating new, one-off pieces we make items that you can treasure.

One of a kind

Each of our pieces are one of a kind and individually made by hand. When using plants and flowers to create colour no two pieces are ever the same, which makes them extra special and completely unique. 

Environmentally friendly

Our aim is to create sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion and homewares. We need to take care of our beautiful planet and protect it for future generations. We only use 100% natural materials and dye processes so our pieces can one day, far in the future, make it back to the earth safely.

Commissions & Large Orders

If you haven't seen what you are looking for or have something more specific in mind we also make made to order commissions or larger bulk orders. For more information or to discuss a concept please get in touch.